Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm on a plane!

On the plane, online and watching Friends because obviously I brought all my Friends DVDs with me. My carry-on contains all 10 seasons of Friends, my GPS, seasons 5 and 6 of The L Word, and my stuffed lobster. And a dress, in case my baggage gets lost and I need...a dress. 

HOLY CRAP THE REMOTES COME OUT OF THE ARMREST. I love Virgin America. Free Wifi til January, a plug for my computer (my battery dies in 10 minutes) all I need is food. I'm considering buying the fruit and cheese plate because I'm stahhhvin. I can't wait til Dunkin Donuts. I'm too hungry. 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ha, Sony.

(Dawn's wearing one of those poofy vests, like the ones that Old Navy sells.) "So it's rainy and cold out, just like back east, and when it gets like this we all get out our winter clothes and vests. My boss looked at me this morning and said 'so when is the bus picking you up for summer camp?'"


I think this office is secretly Hogwarts.
1) People are really good at disappearing. Stan and Dawn both have a tendency to just leave and I can never find them.
2) There was a basket of desserts in the kitchen yesterday. I went in to get my coffee this morning and the basket was still there (I had a muffin and then a fudge brownie thing). I went in a few minutes ago to get Dawn some tea and there were TWO baskets. My cubicle is in front of the hallway that leads to the kitchen; I see who goes in and out. I did not see anyone with another dessert basket go in. Explanation? House elves.

Monday, December 7, 2009

"It's happening!"

San Francisco was amazing. We were there for a total of 38 hours (plus 16 hours of driving time) and so many good moments managed to happen in a day and a half. Good moments plus a few scandals. The city is gorgeous and reminds me of East Coast and European cities, except with more hills. Jocelyn and I managed to walk around in heels all day Saturday, and the four of us took a lot of cute photos. Saturday night was crazy, one of those nights that we're all going to remember for a while because so much happened, and the car rides were hysterical as well.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oy, I'm so behind

Oh goodness. Time for an update. Everything's going to be jumbled.

~I dropped my car off at the auto body shop on Wednesday, November 18th, and picked it up on Friday, November 27th. It looks fantastic; the people at the shop did a great job. They washed it, too, so it was clean and gorgeous for a day. And then the California dust settled in and now it's back to being kinda dirty. (Seriously, the dust is ridiculous...since there's no rain to wash it away, there are people that brush/blow the dust around.)

~I had to go to the health clinic on the 22nd because I woke up with a fever. 103.3 degrees. Awesome! The doctor gave me strep and flu medication...I finished the flu stuff and have 2 more strep pills. Feeling better, thank goodness.

~Spent Thanksgiving with Erica/the Amys/Brock/Anh. Amy made a ton of delicious food...we got a free turkey from the LA center and had a nice big traditional dinner. And we watched the dog show, part of Hercules, and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specials. There was one about the Pilgrim voyage to Plymouth. Yeahhh, Plymouth! So proud that I'm from the town that invented the holiday of food, haha.

~Since I was still got tired really easily last weekend, I opted out of going to Vegas. Erica and I took a trip to the Glendale Galleria on Black Friday and I ended up buying 2 movies and 8 seasons of TV on DVD, bumping my grand TV total to 97 seasons. I think I need TV rehab. Anyway, the Galleria is all decorated for Christmas...very festive, but it's weird seeing Christmas trees standing next to palm trees. Apparently there's fake snow (soap snow) at night...just like at Harrod's in London. :)

~I went for a hike near the Griffith Observatory on Saturday...spent almost 2 hours hiking up a mountain and an hour hiking down. That area is gorgeous. Erica and I went there a couple of weeks ago around's a lot creepier at night. We forgot that it wasn't some kind of fenced in protected area. It's part of the moutains/hills. We heard coyotes howling when we were there, then heard something rustling in the brush and we got freaked out and ran part way down. And then we saw a coyote as we were driving out. Luckily, I didn't encounter any animals on Saturday. Except for some cute dogs that were walking with their owners. The view from where I was was gorgeous...I could see the entire city of Los Angeles. I ended up exhausting myself and spent the rest of the day in bed watching 30 Rock.

~Since we're all starting to go broke, we haven't been going out as much...went to the Cat and Fiddle the Friday before I had to go to the doctors, and it was fun and relaxing. There are white Christmas lights outside, and they put out heat lamps so everyone can enjoy being outside at night.

~I love how big #jackiessecret is on Twitter...I wonder how many Tweets we need to become a trending topic. That's been my entertainment for this morning.

Food time! I'll try to remember more later.

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Hello, Matt. Hello, children of the corn."

People say the weirdest things in this office.

"Are you the Joker today?"
"Yes. Or a child molester, according to Lauren."

"What are you looking for?"
"Your nuts."

The actor who plays Ken Tanaka on Glee is coming in today. Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw in the Saw movies, was in here last week. He's from Weymouth! Oh, Massachusetts. You produce some interesting people. Cedric the Entertainer met with some executives yesterday, and he passed by my cubicle, tapped on the glass, and said something, but I have no idea what it was. Also, we got cupcakes yesterday because it was 2 people's birthdays. I love free food.

Since Glee wasn't on on Wednesday, we watched The Little Mermaid and sang along and provided commentary, one of my favorite comments being "you know who would be a great grandparent duo? Ursela and John McCain."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fireplaces and scarves.

I'm pretty sure I saw both a drag queen and a prostitute on my way home last week.

Amy R, Liz and I went out to find costumes/accessories last night. The wind was ridiculous and when I left Sony, I had hopes for a storm, but no such luck. It felt like a September day in Boston--a little chilly but not freezing. We're all starting to miss being in the Northeast. Summery days are great, but so are scarves and hot cocoa and fallen leaves.

I'm almost out of tequila.
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